Sadler’s Wells‘ annual pick ‘n’ mix buffet of dance offerings returns again for a selection of live performances and interactive front-of-house experiences.

The evening, running for two nights only, offers a mix of easy-to-digest crowd-pleasers with some more thought-provoking or abstract work that leave more to unpick.

It’s an exciting programme, and the introductory video that accompanies prior to each performance adds a valuable layer of accessibility to proceedings.

This year’s Sampled is topped and tailed by powerful and charismatic contemporary performances.

The first is a feisty and flirtatious routine from the ladies of Uchenna Dance in The Head Wrap Diaries – Fierce & Free. Vicki Igbokwe’s choreography showcases these flirtatious ladies with their undulating hips in a work of empowering femininity whilst blending diverse styles of waacking and vogueing with African dance. The result is joyful and feel-good, and certainly puts the audience in fine voice for the rest of the night.

Sadler’s Wells Sampled ran 8-9 February at Sadler’s Wells

Article extract by Vikki Jane Vile Feb. 10, 2019  

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