Dance Review: The Head Wrap Diaries by Richard Lutz

I Choose Birmingham (3 November 2017)

A trio of smart, agile storytelling black dancers take you through the world of hair, the salons and headgear. And A LOT more.

The Head Wrap Diaries includes three stories about women finding their place, the myth of beauty and flying their flag for black culture — all told to an hour of house dance, club music, vogue and an ocean of dreamy African rhythms.

That’s a lot to take on. But the London based Uchenna Dance Troupe uses the Dance Exchange’s Patrick Centre space terrifically to fill the 60 minutes with stories, humour, and physical finesse.

Kweku Aacht’s music adds an earthy score, and choreography by Uchenna’s director Vicki Igbokwe creates a breezy and airy whirlwind that displays the human form so light on its feet it looks as if the three women are six inches off the ground. Plus you get to understand how the completely beautiful head wraps are used and sinuously fitted like fabric crowns.

Uchenna Dance continues touring the region.


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