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We really hope you enjoyed watching the online broadcast of  The Head Wrap Diaries.

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A Message From Vicki Igbokwe, Founder of Uchenna

To my black sisters and brothers. I ask, how are you doing? I understand the collective trauma we are facing in this particular moment in time, I also know that this is nothing new for us. This trauma is part of our daily life, one that is relentless and exhausting but still we rise.

When making The Head Wrap Diaries my intention was to create something that celebrated us black women and our hair. That showcased us in our many forms, that spoke to the many generations of black women. That shone a spotlight on how amazing and fabulous we are, that celebrated the diversity amongst us because we are all magical in so many ways. A space where we could all be safe to laugh out loud, to stand in our authentic power, to see ourselves, our ancestors, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunties, nieces and friends represented, to catch the inside jokes and be free of guilt for not sharing, to be free of the racism we face for being truly fabulous in this crazy world we live in.

I want this show to act as inspiration for our black children, for them to know they are AMAZING and loved by us. To know that despite the racism that surrounds us black people, they can become anything they want to in this world.

To my black brothers, your black sisters see you and we love you. This show is a moment for you to see, hear and love us. Continue to wrap your arms around us as we wrap our arms around you and collectively we wrap ourselves around our children.

Watching a group of super talented black women on stage with different perspectives working together, working through their differences to celebrate themselves and each other.

Let’s take ourselves off this hateful treadmill and plug into some much needed love, joy, laughter and positivity.

This show and the work that Uchenna creates is a gift to you.

Continue to step into your greatness.

Sending love and healing vibrations in abundance to you all.

Vicki Igbokwe,

A black woman


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