Review: Sadler’s Wells Sampled – Sadler’s Wells, London

Reviewer:  Richard Maguire

Sampled is a tasting menu of dance, showcasing what we can expect at Sadler’s Wells this year. Over two hours, the audience are treated to snatches of flamenco and ballet, contemporary and hip-hop. There’s something here for everyone, but, importantly, it also introduces new dance styles to those people who, otherwise, might be set in their ways.

With the front stalls removed so that some of the audience is standing, Sampled feels like a gig, especially when Uchenna Dance open the evening. The audience whooped at the proud poses, influenced by waacking and vogue, of the six dancers.  In The Head Wrap Diaries – Fierce and Free, the women brandish their head wraps as powerful symbols of womanhood, defiant and beautiful.

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