REVIEW: Sadler’s Wells, Sampled. – Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London

Posted by NUMBER 9: Theatre, Music and Film on Feb 9, 2019.

If you’re new to the world of dance, then the annual celebration of the craft is the perfect thing for you. The two hour performance brings brilliantly talented performers and groups together into one space. With the perfect bite-sized performances of only ten minutes, five minute breaks between allowed the experience to truly sink in.

Bang on 7.30pm, and we were greeted by the soulful and powerful music and dance of the Uchenna Dance Team. An all female group who used head-wraps as their crowns, and owned the stage in a way that made you proud to be a woman. Sometimes you just need that evening pick-me-up of someone telling you that you can do it, and these ladies managed to bring that empowerment into their dance as if it were second nature.

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