REVIEW: Uchenna Dance – Hansel & Gretel – London

By Siobhan Murphy on January 9, 2019 in Reviews

Uchenna Dance
Hansel & Gretel

London, The Place
15 December 2018

Vicki Igbokwe’s bold dance retelling of the classic fairy tale Hansel and Gretel has a sense of playfulness at its heart, and something of a political message for adults to chew on too. Its soundtrack is an African-tinged mix of house, jazz, soul and grime, and the choreography is equally mixed, encompassing the fast pace of house dance, the groundedness of African styles and the bold gestures of waacking and vogueing within a robustly athletic contemporary framework.

On a simple primary-coloured, building block stage, the four dancers offer a new version of the well-known tale – one in which Hansel (Marc Stevenson) and Gretel (Mayowa Ogunnaike) start in an African village, head off on their own to the big city, pick up a guardian, Wasi (Esme Benjamin), then end up first in Dover and then in Brixton, negotiating the capital and the care system (represented by Rudzani Moleya). Instead of breadcrumbs, they follow London landmarks and memorable smells to find their way when they are split up from Wasi. And, naturally, there is an umbrella-wielding, biscuit-bearing witch to overcome as well.

Igbokwe and her writer Gbolahan Obisesan opt not to try to nail down any of the mad jumps in logic, preferring to emphasise the children’s boldness, imaginative powers, camraderie and sense of adventure.



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