Barbara Brann, Head of Department Quay School

I have been a teacher for twenty years and have not met a character like Vicki; she is bold, encouraging, easy to relate to, and a great role model for young people. She had the task of creating an arts event with some of our most challenging students who have been chronically disengaged and tough to work with.  Remarkably, she found a way to connect with each individual student, making a great assessment of what would enable each one to have a productive week.

The impact on the students was incredible. One girl had only been managing to attend school for an hour a day and with Vicki she was engaged for 6 hours daily. Two boys who declared at the beginning of the week that there was “no way” they would go on stage, stepped out under the lights and communicated with the audience. Each and every student moved well out of their comfort zone and described how they had achieved far more than they thought they could. Their recorded commentaries interspersed the Friday night event. All of this done in a week!”

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