Uchenna Dance: The Head Wrap Diaries Review

By Shika (Faith, Lifestyle and Dance Blogger) …

On Monday I went to watch The Head Wrap Diaries by Uchenna Dance. It was just the type of motivation I needed.

It was beautiful to see three, strong, black women performing on stage, something that I haven’t seen in while if I’m being honest, it went through all the journeys that I have personally been through regarding my hair and how I was perceived and how I want to be perceived by others. It’s funny how something as trivial as the hair on your head is such an integral part of who you are (especially for me anyway).

It was such a relatable performance and it’s one of those creations where I could watch it again and again and again.*SPOILER ALERT* I may be being biased too, but I loved the Ghanaian music at the end! It really made me feel like being at home.

(What is home anyway? I was never brought up in Ghana but its culture runs through my veins, yet I was born in the UK and I do love London, story for another day). I would urge anyone to go and see it, it was utterly fantastic and you don’t have to be black to watch it! The performance has so many other underlying issues it explores, so go and watch it!


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