‘Heritage – The Journey to Africa’, a fundraising gala from AkomaAsa Arts

Vicki Igbokwe-Ozoagu joins AkomaAsa Arts as guest choreographer for ‘Heritage’ a fundraising gala evening at the The Place, London on Tuesday 12th Dec 2023.

‘HERITAGE – The Journey to Africa,’ a fundraising gala dedicated to supporting the training and education of future generations. This event celebrates the talents of young dancers and influential choreographers of African and Caribbean descent.

Funds raised by this gala will go to support AkomaAsa’s youth International Social, Cultural Exchange Programme 2024 to Senegal, Ecole des Sables, home of the renowned Senegalese dancer and choreographer Germaine Acogny.

Join us for an evening filled with captivating entertainment, showcasing a diverse collection of British and African Diaspora dance and music. Immerse yourself in the cultural richness as we aim to move, empower, and creatively inspire you. Your participation will contribute to the social, cultural, and educational development of the upcoming generations as they embark on their journey to various parts of the African continent.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a celebration that transcends borders and promotes the diversity of the African Diaspora with works by AkomaAsa Arts, guest performances choreographed by established choreographers such as Vicki Igbokwe Ozoagu – Uchenna Dance, Kenrick Sandy – Boy Blue Ent, Hakeem Onibudo – Impact Dance, Francis Angol – Movement Angol, Miguel Altunaga – AYD, Akosua Boakye – AkomaAsa Arts including international choreographer Tara- Jane Herbert – Elevè Arts. Documentary film by Alison Ray, Emerging choreographers Konstantinos Karapittas, Natalie James and Rebecca Okine.

Tuesday  12th Dec 2023 
7:15pm – Documentary Film 
7:45pm  Performances


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