A neon sign hangs from the ceiling that reads: “Groove”. The word glows in blue and there is a red line underneath it.


From sorting out your two left feet to building your confidence, to increasing your performance at work, we are here to take you on a journey of fun, laughter, and self-discovery.

We deliver classes, workshops and residences, anything from 1.5hrs to a full week or longer can be designed to suit.

Sessions can be one-off, possibly to introduce dance into the school/college curriculum, or ongoing and intensive for dance or performing arts learners.

We have the ability to adapt our style to work with the needs of the specific institution/organisation, working in partnership to create bespoke packages that can link to the curriculum. This is done in consultation with the teachers/organisers to best meet your learners needs.

We do not just ‘teach’ we mentor and coach your learners. Empowering them to be ambitious with their future, transforming their limiting beliefs about their own ability and enabling them to push themselves further than what they think is capable.

“Uchenna brings a fresh and dynamic approach to dance education and participation. We cater to your learners’ wants whilst delivering what you need!”

To find out more, please email info@uchennadance.com

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