In Memory of Veronica Bain-Derby

All of us at Uchenna Dance were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Veronica Bain-Derby who had graced us with her majestic voice for Little Bird, the song that plays in the mother and daughter scene of our show, The Head Wrap Diaries 

Veronica was an important contributor to the Ghanaian classical music community, an amazing, talented singer, who sang with true spirit and soul, beautiful, inside and out. She will be sorely missed.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this difficult time.


Little Bird

Vocals: Veronica Bain-Derby


“Little bird big city,

You’re not even grown

Your world exists in

Technicolor psychedelia”


“Dream in pictures as you fly gliding above the trouble and the urban decay”


“Dream in pictures as you fly gliding high above the trouble and the urban decay”


“Little bird big city enjoying time alone

With the friends in your head

They’re all so beautiful

Life’s so beautiful

In your head”


“Life’s so beautiful

In your head”


Vocals: Veronica Bain-Derby

Keys: Reynolds the Gentleman

Words: Kweku Aacht

Music:  Kweku Aacht And Jasmine Mack

Written for and inspired by the stage production The Head Wrap Diaries by Uchenna Dance. 

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