The Head Wrap Diaries Review in Afro Magazine NL

Diana Ritfield from Afro Magazine NL, aka Di’Xpression (@dixpression), and her young daughter joined Uchenna Dance for our performance of The Head Wrap Diaries at STET, The English Theatre, in The Hague on 3rd June 2023.

Translated from Dutch, she wrote:

“While draping their headscarves, the three players proudly shouted: ANCESTORS! A tear of emotion and recognition. There is a story behind every headscarf. My 8-year-old daughter attended this English-language performance. “Mom, the best part was when that girl had to comb her hair.” My daughter is more than what she sees in society now. She shed a tear at home because she found the performance so special. We will experience more culture together.”


Read the review in Dutch here.

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