The Place announces new Associate Artists

The Place has announced that it will be working with Uchenna Dance’s Vicki Igbokwe through its Work Place artist development scheme.

Work Place, the associate artist programme at The Place, provides a creative home for the UK’s most talented dance makers.

Work Place gives artists space to create, room to reflect, platforms for performance and time for questioning.

It is a bespoke programme, tailored to each choreographer’s individual needs, and aims to build long-lasting relationships between choreographers, creatives, and organisations that nurture sustainable artistic growth.

Founded in 2011, the Work Place scheme supports 11 choreographers at different career points to develop new ideas, make those ideas a reality, and then find opportunities for presentation, touring and developing new audiences.


The current associate artists are; Vicki Igbokwe, Tony Adigun, Amy Bell, James Cousins, Claire Cunningham, Ben Duke, Rosemary Lee, Frauke Requardt, Luca Silvestrini, Moreno Solinas, and Igor Urzelai.

In the last year, the Work Place programme enabled the creation of 9 new productions and supported 11 research projects to develop ideas for performance.

Vicki Igbokwe said, ‘becoming an associate artist at The Place has come at a pivotal moment in my career. I am moving into a phase of further growth, expanding my team and leading Uchenna Dance into its next five years of development. Doing this with the support of The Place brings an extended network as I navigate the future realising my ideas as they become bigger and bolder.’

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